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3 FREE Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blogposts

I was doing research online looking to deliver a few cool tips for you to increase traffic to your website through your blogs and the amount of free information out there is not only prevalent, it’s down right overwhelming.

If you are committed to creating original and thought-provoking content here are a few tips that will help you find more eyeballs for your blogs (that hopefully you’re leading to sign up for your RSS feed or newsletter..right?)

Find a Leader Who Will Teach You

I don’t know about you but finding someone (not a company) who is already driving massive amounts of monthly AND who’s willing to share how they do it, is an amazing way to cut through the clutter and give you actionable tips you can implement immediately.

If you don’t know Neil Patel, you should. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.

Neil gives some amazing value in a blog he wrote titled

7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%.

After you finish reading this article, I highly recommend clicking the link  and checking it out.

Neil shows you how he tripled his blog traffic, step by step with these strategies:

  • Kindle Select 90-Day Traffic Plan
  • How to create viral content
  • How to create evergreen list posts
  • Long-tail keyword domination
  • Email traffic generation
  • Twisted guest blogging
  • Restructure your posts

Creating Partnerships

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog is finding blog networks in your niche that are already getting a ton of traffic and writing articles that they might be interested in sharing. There are a ton of popular blogs out there that are looking for great articles to share with their followers. By reaching out to them and showing them your content they’ll be more than happy to link back to your site and drive thousands of visits to you.

When you start doing this don’t lose heart, it’s a numbers game. To get these partnerships, you have to continuously reach out to popular blogs within your niche. A lot of them won’t accept your content, but for every 10 you reach out to, at least 1 will say yes.

It’s worth the effort because it doesn’t cost a dime and can drive serious traffic to your site.

One network that stands high above the rest is Alltop. It shows the top trending posts in almost every niche you can think of. Even better, you can easily join their network and submit your blogs for them to review. If you’re savvy, you might even find a way to get your content on their charts, driving a ton of traffic back to you.

If you look over in the right sidebar, there’s are links to the Top 5 blog posts for Internet Marketing via Alltop.  My articles have been featured on the top 5 list, and yours can too if you submit your info as they ask.  All I did was add their badge at their top right and the widget on the side and asked for permission to be included. You can do it too.

Consistency is King

One of the most important strategies that can seriously affect the amount of traffic that comes your way is blogging regularly. A lot of experts will tell you to do at least 1 blog per week, but if you really want to ramp the number of viewers, you need to think about 1 per day…at a minimum.

You can’t sacrifice the quality, but if you’re serious about grabbing attention, publishing 3 blogs a day can seriously ramp up the attention you get from people who are hungry for the kind of information you provide.

If you’re looking for ways to come up with enough content for your blogs, check out my article: 5 Tips to Create Amazing Content. Doing your research and following a strong leader, reaching out to networks who would link back to you who already have traffic, and putting a high volume of quality content really can start to drive a ton a traffic to your blog.

What other techniques have you used to drive traffic to your blog for free?

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