build trust with others

The 3 Scientific Triggers that Force People to Like You

We’ve all heard of the “know, like, trust” factor…and with all other factors being equal, people do business with those they know, like, and trust.  Although it sounds easy enough, in today’s world, many people are doing business with others online, and building rapport isn’t as easy as going to your local networking meeting and…

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social media time hacks

3 Social Media Time Hacks You Should be Using

Okay, I can see it now…you get up early and shake the stars from your eyes… You’ve set some BIG goals this year, and one of those resolutions is to NOT get sucked into Social Media for 2 hours every morning.  I mean, c’mon…you have a life to live, kids to feed, a home to keep…

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all ears

3 Uncommon Strategies to Deliver What Your Audience Wants to Hear

We who write online for a living, whether it leads to selling our products, services, or offers we are affiliated with…we’re always looking for the “Secret…Ultra ‘Ninja’, Super Successful” ways to connect our message to our audience.  Whether your audience is filled with subscribers to your newsletter, followers on Social Media, or a “cold-call” list…

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Market with Truth

Share Your Painted Baby Story

When it comes to marketing, we’ve all been told to put our best foot forward. Fill Your Website with awesome testimonials and eye-popping photos to bedazzle your prospects and keep them interested. I mean, that’s the only way to close new business, right? Wrong. The truth is, we humans are simply drawn to conflict. Especially…

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