Type 1 Diabetes does defeat this business owner

Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY

One of New Hampshire’s own is making a name for herself in business.  Remarkable by itself, running and operating your own business while battling Type 1 Diabetes…

There’s just a little more to the story.  Sure, many people all over the world have to get up, go to work, put their “happy” face on and bring home the bacon.  It’s just a fact of life…yet, what makes this story so meaningful, is that Bella Walley, age 10, with the help of her mother is making big waves.  I want you to take the time to watch this short newsreel from WMUR’s Channel 9 and ask yourself a couple questions.

1.) What excuses are you making for yourself as to why you aren’t succeeding and what can you do about that?

2.) If Bella can do it…can you?

I for one sat here with tears in my eyes…sometimes our greatest teachers come in the smallest packages…

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